Communication Planning

The objective is to research and develop an effective communication and outreach strategy for different Virginia counties, cities, and jurisdictions (communities). This project seeks to address two components: (1) process and (2) message.

Process. Identify the most effective means and tools to engage and communicate with Virginia communities on the benefits of climate and sustainability plans. This can include, where appropriate, social media (Facebook, Twitter), local government communications (public notices, website), public community meetings, social events, houses of worship, etc. The objective here is to identify the best methods to communicate the message about the program and engage Virginia communities on climate and/or sustainability planning.

Research Assistant: Anna Sladek

Research Question:

1. What communication tools should the George Mason Center for Energy Science and Policy (CESP) utilize to maximize trust and engagement in their future local government sustainability initiatives?

2. How do demographic differences in socio-economic, religious, ethnic, occupational, regional, and political backgrounds each influence which communication tools are suitable for attracting local Virginia community officials, constituents, and policy entrepreneurs?