Energy Security & Policy Custom Emphasis Area (MPP)

The Energy Security and Policy curriculum examines the intersection between energy and eight critical dimensions:  policy, politics, economics, law and regulation, national security, international development, project financing, and infrastructure resiliency.  We take an interdisciplinary approach to understanding the intersection with these dimensions, and students can select specific courses that meet their needs. 

POGO 750 Geopolitics of Energy Security

GOVT 464 Governance and Energy Policy

POGO 750 International Development and Energy

POGO 750 Climate Change and Security

POGO 750 Energy Economics and Financing (NEW)

Energy & Environment Policy Concentration (Ph.D)

Students pursuing the energy and environmental policy field of study investigate how public policy and governance more generally shape the extraction, transformation, exchange, and consumption of natural resources and how these activities, in turn, impact human and natural systems, including attempts at creating sustainable policy instruments and governance that enable conservation, preservation, or restoration, of those resources. The specialization also focuses on corruption and illicit trade in natural resources. Energy and environmental policy is made at multiple levels of governance, from local to global, in every corner of the world, all of which lie within the scope of this field of study. Students develop a diverse, interdisciplinary tool kit with which to carry out analyses of energy and environmental policy formation, implementation, and impact and the conditions that may also lead to the abuse of these natural resources. They learn to employ both quantitative and qualitative methods and draw on analytical traditions in political science, economics, public administration, sociology, and others, with the capacity to enhance these traditions through normative analysis. This knowledge base and the original work carried out for the dissertation provide a foundation to pursue energy and environmental policy research careers in academia, government, non-governmental organizations, and business.