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Victoria Glasgow, AICP, MPP Student
CESP Student Fellow

Victoria is pursuing her Master of Public Policy with a concentration in Science and Technology policy. She graduated with her Bachelor’s in Urban Planning from the University of Virginia and worked as a practicing planner before moving to the DMV. She hopes to combine her passions for energy policy and multimodal transportation to discover new infrastructural solutions for broader power challenges. When not studying, Victoria is exploring cities on her bicycle.

Elliot Meyer, MPP
CESP Student Fellow | LCAPI Research Assistant

Elliot is currently a research assistant with the Local Climate Action Planning Initiative. He earned his Master’s of Public Policy from George Mason University in 2022, emphasizing in Environmental Policy, along with an Environmental and Sustainability Management Graduate Certificate in 2023. Previously, Elliot served as the Communications Director for the Wisconsin Land and Water Conservation Association and as a Special Assistant of Communications in the Office of Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe. A Virginia native with a Midwest heart, Elliot is passionate about bridging sociopolitical divisions and pragmatically working with rural communities to lead the energy and climate transition.

Emily Sharer, MPP, PhD Student
CESP Student Fellow

Emily is currently pursuing a PhD in Psychology at George Mason. She is a recent graduate of the University of Birmingham, where she recieved a Master’s of Science in Political Psychology, and George Mason, where she recieved her Master’s of Public Policy. She has a background in Environmental Policy, Contract Law, and Psychology. Growing up in Texas, Emily loves raising her Texas Longhorn cattle on her family’s ranch, and is passionate about energy policy reform in the agriculture sector.

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