About the LCAP

Local Climate Action Planning Initiative: Video Overview

The Local Climate Action Planning Initiative serves as a university outreach service with a mission to assist municipalities throughout Virginia and other states in three areas: (1) modeling greenhouse gas emissions; (2) convening community and government public meetings to discuss energy and climate goals and recommended actions; and (3) developing energy and climate action plans. The LCAPI further assists municipalities by assisting with the implementation of action plans through student internships with local government offices. The internships can cover a variety of areas, such as policy, law, science, engineering, and communication. The LCAPI leverages faculty and student collaborations, as part of its Energy and Climate Policy curriculum and courses, to provide real-world experiential training of students in energy and environmental policy with local governments.

Local governments interested in working with the LCAPI to develop energy and climate action plans should contact Elliot Meyer, Community Engagement Specialist at dmeyer20@gmu.edu.