Mission & Vision


CESP’s mission is to build a vibrant interdisciplinary energy science and policy hub at George Mason that develops integrative applied science and policy solutions for Virginia’s energy security, climate change,  sustainability, and resilience challenges and beyond.


CESP’s vision is to lead energy security, climate change, sustainability, and resilience innovations. This vision includes exploring energy’s critical nexuses with health, water, climate, food, transportation, national security, technology and innovation, and conflict resolution. Research on these multidisciplinary relationships is where Mason has world-class expertise. The vision’s foundational element is translating energy science innovations into policy recommendations. This approach requires integrated science-policy studies to ensure realistic and desirable energy and climate policy outcomes.

We seek to modernize this vision around five pillars of activity: international strategy and energy security, local government and energy, energy and international development, energy resilience, social justice, and behavioral economics.